Kayakers discover this 110 year old abandoned ship. It is full of plant life but is still sound enough to explore. It seemed like it had been sitting there for years.

Little did they know about the amazing history of this ship….

Like the fact that, many years ago it was used as a sight-seeing vessel in NY

Or that it was re-purposed to fight TWO world wars.


How about the fact that it was used for scientific experiments by Thomas Edison.


Oh, and it made a cameo in Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” video


It was taken out of comission and transported to a tributary near land that belonged to the ship’s owner. It has rested there ever since.


I’ve kissed the vipers that seep venom into my mind. I’ve loved the walls that never break down for me. I have given blood and fire to the gasoline station floors. I ran miles for the heroine doped veins. My body was their jungle gym and they left their secretions on my flesh and created open wounds to infect. I seeped blood, screaming and I would cry in agony, just for a drip of mercy. They’d laugh in sadistic pleasure, spit on me and leave me to a pulp. I’d lay there shivering wondering what else I could’ve given to make them love me back.
To all the boys I’ve loved before (via venuspalms)